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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fullness of Truth

I was recently at the Fullness of Truth Conference in Corpus Christi. I can only say that it was amazing. Fr. Corapi spoke about the current spiritual war going on all over the world. He spoke as always very bluntly and with a style only he has. Fr. Pacwa gave some amazing talks on Mary and the Eucharist. He spoke about Mary recieving the Eucharist in the early days of the Church. The thought of our Lady recieving into her what she once carried in her womb was amazing and an image i had never really concidered. I was able to spend an evening with Fr. Pacwa and in the course of one dinner was completely taken aback by him. He really is an inpirational speaker and homilist. There were other speakers there as well, Stephen Ray, Rosalind Moss, and Carl Orson were some of the speakers I had the pleasure of listening to. I hope if you haven't been to the Fullness of Truth Conference you go. I know there will be a summer conference in San Antonio.


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