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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Are YOU a traditionalist? (and some stuff about the SSPX)

Recently, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a traditionalist. I don't really think of myself as one, but apparently I fit the definition. Let me list a few things that describe traditionalists. The more of these you fit, the more likely you are to be a traditionalist. One thing, however, will not be an actual traditionalist. Try and guess which one it is.

1. Traditionalists hate folky guitar music in the liturgy.
2. Traditionalists also hate liturgical songs about the people there or with the people singing as God to themselves (ex. Here I Am, Lord)
3. Traditionalists like when altar boys and acolytes wear the cassock and surplice. They are also big fans of the deacon's dalmatic.
4. Traditionalists don't like altar boys in martial arts gear.
5. Traditionalists don't like altar girls.
6. Traditionalists like to use communion rails.
7. Traditionalists also like patins.
8. Traditionalists don't like EMHCs when they are unnecessary (which is most of the time).
9. Traditionalists like the altar to face east, or at least away from the people and to God.
10. Traditionalists like having the tabernacle behind the altar (so the altar can face God).
11. Traditionalists like good (in a Thomistic sense) art.
12. Traditionalists like Gregorian Chant.
13. Traditionalists like Sacred Polyphony.
14. Traditionalists like Latin.
15. Traditionalists think chapel veils are cool.
16. Traditionalists like the Tridentine Mass.
17. Traditionalists pray for the Universal Indult.
18. Traditionalists deny Vatican II and refuse to attend Novus Ordo Missae.

So what doesn't describe a traditionalist? Number 18. Traditionalists are submissive to papal authority. All the other things listed are in accord with the Catholic Church, including the Second Vatican Council.

Now, as a newfound traditionalist, I've noticed that progressives don't understand that "traditionalist" doesn't mean "schismatic." I can't count how many times I've been asked if the TLM I go to is run by the SSPX. Have people even heard of the Fraternity? It's doubtful, but I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with being thought of by some Catholics as somehow less Catholic because I love centuries-old Catholic practices. Anyways, I'll agree that some people in the SSPX are crazy. I sympathize with them a little, though, since we like the same stuff, but obedience is still key and the Society is disobedient. This must be what gives traditionalists a bad reputation. Funny how someone who loves a good thing can tear it down if he's not in line with Rome. Funny but true, and rightfully so. All I'm saying is traditionalists are Catholic, and the SSPX ironically doing more to kill the movement than they are to help it.

-rant completed-

DISCLAIMER: The "Are YOU a traditionalist?" list is unofficial and is in no way thought to be complete.